Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

  1. Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)
  2. The center of the church, history and present are connected. The old building with its history and the visitors with their modern cameras and smartphones.
  3. In its own chapel the Gero Cross is displayed

Keulen, Dom, vooraanzicht

Keulen dom, middenschip

Keulen, Dom. Gero Cross

For the weekly photo challenge:

Now, it’s time to share three photos of your own.

In a nutshell, a three-picture story is a way to help you think about storytelling with images. To create a three-picture story, gather:

  1. An establishing shot: a broad photo of your subject.
  2. A relationship: two elements interacting with one another.
  3. A detail: a close-up of one part of your subject.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes


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